Technical Support Team

We, Opto Science has a Technical Support Team in order user can use products at ease.

  • Senior Engineer Ph.D
    Back Ground : Electrical Engineering, Laser and Plasma Physics
    In charge of Electrical Instruments
    (Lock-in Amplifier, Pulse Generator, Consultation of Experimental Setup)

  • Senior Laser and Optics Engineer
    Back Ground : Designing and Manufacturing Lasers for many years
    Deep knowledge about nonlinear optical physics
    In charge of Laser Processing Systems, Optical Design, System Design

  • Senior Engineer : Optical Measurement Systems
    In charge of Polarimeter, Optical Measurement Systems

  • Software EngineerIn
    In charge of drivers and controllers of scanner and stages

  • Laser Application Engineer
    Ph.D In charge of sample processing and test

  • Service Engineer
    In charge of service for Polarimeter, Fiber Splicers,