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The ATF7

WDI’s ATF7 is a high speed, high accuracy, autonomous digital autofocus sensor. Its “Smart Sensor Architecture” (SSA) incorporates a semiconductor laser, built-in CMOS image sensor, FPGA and microprocessor for fast digital image processing. By projecting a laser line onto the sample and digitally processing the image, the ATF7 provides fast and accurate measurements of the distance and direction to focus. This information can then be output directly to WDI’s MCM+ or MCZ controller, or to any compatible controller.

ATF7 Sensor
Structured Light Pattern  Line Segment
Sensor Wavelength  Choice of 660nm or 785nm
Image Detector  Line Scan CMOS
Internal Update Rate 20kHz
Static Autofocus Accuracy ± 1/4 Objective Depth of Focus
Fast Tracking Autofocus Accuracy ± 1/2 Objective Depth of Focus

General Performance 
Output Data Rate 1.7kHz
Reflectivity Adaption Delay  1ms 
Laser Type  Semiconductor 
Laser Safety  Class 2 660 nm
Weight  250g 
Dimensions  40 X 40 X 120mm 
Maximum Cable Length  1.8m  
Compliance  CE SEMI 

External Requirements
Specimen Reflectivity  1% ~ 99% 
Glass Thickness  > 0.5mm 
Diffusing Specimen  Yes 
Specular Specimen  Yes 
Patterned Specimen  Yes 
Textured Specimen  Yes 

Operating Specifications
Input Voltage  18V ~ 25V, 24V Nominal 
Operating Temperature  18°C ~ 35°C 
Storage Temperature  10°C ~ 45°C 
Humidity  10% ~ 75% Non Condensing





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