Who We Are

Opto Science, Inc. has established in 1987 and we are the Japanese engineering trading company who are marketing and selling high tech products from the world. As it shows on our company name, our specialty is anything related to “Opto” (light) and “Science”. We are introducing optical products from the world to the Japanese researchers and engineers including universities, research institutions and industrial corporations.

The products we sold have been used in;

  • Laser processing systems as core parts,
  • A part of production line which plays an important role in the factory processes,
  • Inspection systems which are necessary for R&D of new products development.

We have an experience and confidence!

We carry various range of products, such as Laser and Laser related components, devices, optical measurement systems, and components. They are used as key components in the integrated optical systems. It may look like just mixing up of different type of products, however, we have a strong policy to scope our suppliers with;

  • Top of the world quality products
  • Unique, Only one type of product which nobody else in the world has
  • Cutting edge technology products

All our suppliers are highly evaluated in the industry and always receive high respect from top engineers/researchers in the world.

Too many suppliers? You will not know how much valuable information and knowledge we have gained from our suppliers. We are the expert in many areas and our customers appreciate our professionalism in many fields. We also provide the total solution to our customer, which we recommend and/or combine together with different type of our supplier’s products. We are the unique company who provides “only one” solution to our customers.

We believe the relationship with our suppliers are very important and it is always our top priority. Would you like to work together with us to market your products in Japan? Would you like to introduce your State-of-the Art technology to Japan? Would you like to get along with Japanese top researchers and engineers? Please contact us if you are interested in talking with us for your future business!