• Absorption free interference systems
  • Reflectance / transmittance of selected parts of VIS with high efficiency
  • Edge filters made to small tolerances for angles of incidence of 0°
  • Extremly high color saturation
  • Hard, dense dichroic coatings
  • Manufactured by patented "Sputter" technique
  • High temperature stability of spectral features
  • Heat-resistant up to 400 °C
  • No aging or fading
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Thickness of all filters: 1.1 mm
  • Special sizes up to 160 mm x 110 mm on request.


Part No. Dimensions (mm) Type
G384082030 160x110 DT-Red
G384082036 50x50 DT-Red
G384082033 25x25 DT-Red
G384082035 ⌀=50 DT-Red
G384082032 ⌀=25 DT-Red
G384082037 180x136 DT-Green
G384081036 50x50 DT-Green
G384081033 25x25 DT-Green
G384081035 ⌀=50 DT-Green
G384081032 ⌀=25 DT-Green
G384080030 160x110 DT-Blue
G384080036 50x50 DT-Blue
G384080033 25x25 DT-Blue
G384080035 ⌀=50 DT-Blue
G384080032 ⌀=25 DT-Blue
G384083030 160x110 DT-Yellow
G384083036 50x50 DT-Yellow
G384083033 25x25 DT-Yellow
G384083035 ⌀=50 DT-Yellow
G384083032 ⌀=25 DT-Yellow
G384085030 160x110 DT-Magenta
G384085036 50x50 DT-Magenta
G384085033 25x25 DT-Magenta
G384085035 ⌀=50 DT-Magenta
G384085032 ⌀=25 DT-Magenta
G384084030 160x110 DT-Cyan
G384084036 50x50 DT-Cyan
G384084033 25x25 DT-Cyan
G384084035 ⌀=50 DT-Cyan
G384084032 ⌀=25 DT-Cyan


カラーフィルター DT

型番 商品名 価格
G384082030 Color Filter DT-Red; Lxh=160x110 ¥43,600
G384082036 Color Filter DT-Red; Lxh=50x50 ¥10,600
G384082033 Color Filter DT-Red; Lxh=25x25 ¥6,000
G384082035 Color Filter DT-Red; D=50 ¥11,600
G384082032 Color Filter DT-Red; D=25 ¥6,600
G384081037 Color Filter DT-Green bxL=180x136 ¥43,800
G384081036 Color Filter DT-Green; Lxh=50x50 ¥11,200
G384081033 Color Filter DT-Green; Lxh=25x25 ¥6,000
G384081035 Color Filter DT-Green; D=50 ¥11,600
G384081032 Color Filter DT-Green; D=25 ¥6,600
G384080030 Color Filter DT-Blue; Lxh=160x110 ¥43,600
G384080036 Color Filter DT-Blue; Lxh=50x50 ¥11,200
G384080033 Color Filter DT-Blue; Lxh=25x25 ¥6,000
G384080035 Color Filter DT-Blue; D=50 ¥11,600
G384080032 Color Filter DT-Blue; D=25 ¥6,600
G384083030 Color Filter DT-Yellow; Lxh=160x110 ¥43,600
G384083036 Color Filter DT-Yellow; Lxh=50x50 ¥11,200
G384083033 Color Filter DT-Yellow; Lxh=25x25 ¥6,000
G384083035 Color Filter DT-Yellow; D=50 ¥11,600
G384083032 Color Filter DT-Yellow; D=25 ¥6,600
G384085030 Color Filter DT-Magenta; Lxh=160x110 ¥43,600
G384085036 Color Filter DT-Magenta; Lxh=50x50 ¥10,600
G384085033 Color Filter DT-Magenta; Lxh=25x25 ¥6,000
G384085035 Color Filter DT-Magenta; D=50 ¥11,600
G384085032 Color Filter DT-Magenta; D=25 ¥6,600
G384084030 Color Filter DT-Cyan; Lxh=160x110 ¥43,600
G384084036 Color Filter DT-Cyan; Lxh=50x50 ¥10,600
G384084033 Color Filter DT-Cyan; Lxh=25x25 ¥6,000
G384084035 Color Filter DT-Cyan; D=50 ¥11,600
G384084032 Color Filter DT-Cyan; D=25 ¥6,600
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  • 為替レートの変動により予告なく価格を変更する場合があります。
  • ご注文の合計金額が 20,000円(税別)に満たない場合は、送料 1,000円(税別)を別途請求します。





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