• Absorption free interference systems
  • Nearly no-loss, diversion or mixture of basic Colors blue, green and red
  • For angles of incidence of 45°
  • Heat-resistant up to approx. 300 °C
  • Thickness of all filters: 1.1 mm
  • Special sizes up to 160 mm x 110 mm on request.


Part No. Dimensions (mm) Type
G381321030 160x110 DC-Red
G381321036 50x50 DC-Red
G381321033 25x25 DC-Red
G381321035 ⌀=50 DC-Red
G381321032 ⌀=25 DC-Red
G381322030 160x110 DC-Green
G381322036 50x50 DC-Green
G381322033 25x25 DC-Green
G381322035 ⌀=50 DC-Green
G381322032 ⌀=25 DC-Green
G381323030 160x110 DC-Blue
G381323036 50x50 DC-Blue
G381323033 25x25 DC-Blue
G381323035 ⌀=50 DC-Blue
G381323032 ⌀=25 DC-Blue


カラーフィルター DCの一覧表です。

型番 商品名 価格
G381321030 Color Filter DC-Red; Lxh=160x110 ¥43,600
G381321036 Color Filter DC-Red; Lxh=50x50 ¥10,600
G381321033 Color Filter DC-Red; Lxh=25x25 ¥6,000
G381321035 Color Filter DC-Red; D=50 ¥11,600
G381321032 Color Filter DC-Red; D=25 ¥6,600
G381322030 Color Filter DC-Green; Lxh=160x110 ¥43,600
G381322036 Color Filter DC-Green; Lxh=50x50 ¥10,600
G381322033 Color Filter DC-Green; Lxh=25x25 ¥6,000
G381322035 Color Filter DC-Green; D=50 ¥11,600
G381322032 Color Filter DC-Green; D=25 ¥6,600
G381323030 Color Filter DC-Blue; Lxh=160x110 ¥43,600
G381323036 Color Filter DC-Blue; Lxh=50x50 ¥10,600
G381323033 Color Filter DC-Blue; Lxh=25x25 ¥6,000
G381323035 Color Filter DC-Blue; D=50 ¥11,600
G381323032 Color Filter DC-Blue; D=25 ¥6,600
  • 表示価格に消費税は含まれておりません。
  • 為替レートの変動により予告なく価格を変更する場合があります。
  • ご注文の合計金額が 20,000円(税別)に満たない場合は、送料 1,000円(税別)を別途請求します。





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