Newton Labs社コントロールコンソールは、航空輸送可能なケースで提供しています。


Item Control Console
Height 14.75 in. (374.65 mm)
Width 26.75 in. (679.45 mm
Length 27.50 in. (698.5 mm)
Weight 84.5 lbs. (38.3 kg)
Construction Metal electronics rack suspended on eight shock absorbers
within a molded, high-impact, airline-transportable case
Power/Data Umbilical Cable Gel filled gel-filled with LLDPE polyurethane jacket
and a rated yield point of 80 lb/ft (11 Kg/M)- 150 ft. (45,7 m)
standard (other lengths available)
Cable weight 23.6 lbs. (10.7 kg)
Data storage Internal solid state & USB stick data 
Output format .ply point cloud file
Data file size Approximately 100 MB per scan



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