Neodymium Doped Yttrium Orthovanadate (Nd:YVO4)

Nd:YVO4 is the most efficient laser host crystal for diode pumping among the current commercial laser crystals, especially, for low to middle power density.
This is mainly for Nd:YVO4's absorption and emission features surpassing Nd:YAG. Pumped by laser diodes, Nd:YVO4 crystal has been incorporated with high NLO coefficient crystals (LBO,BBO,or KTP) to frequency-shift the output from the near infrared to green, blue, or even UV.
This incorporation to construct all solid state lasers is an ideal laser tool that can cover the most widespread applications of lasers, including machining, material processing, spectroscopy, wafer inspection, light displays, medical diagnostics, laser printing, and data storage, etc.
It has been shown that Nd:YVO4 based diode pumped solid state lasers are rapidly occupying the markets
traditionally dominated by water-cooled ion lasers and lamp-pumped lasers, especially when compact design and single-longitudinal-mode outputs are required.

Nd:YVO4’s advantages over Nd:YAG

  • As high as about five times larger absorption efficient over a wide pumping bandwidth around 808 nm
    (therefore, the dependency on pumping wavelength is much lower and a strong tendency to the single mode soutput)
  • As large as three times larger stimulated emission cross-section at the lasing wavelength of 1064nm
  • Lower lasing threshold and higher slope efficiency
  • As a uniaxial crystal with a large birefringence, the emission is only a linearly polarized.

CASTECH Provides Nd:YVO4 as following

  • Various doping concentration from 0.1% to 3%
  • Doping concentration tolerance:±0.05%(atm%<1%),±0.1%(atm%≥1%)
  • Various size bulk and finished high quality Nd:YVO4 crystals up to Φ35×50mm3 and Φ20×20mm3, respectively;
  • 10,000 pcs of Nd:YVO4 devices per month in sizes 3×3×0.5 to 4×4×8 mm
  • With quick delivery
  • With competitive price


Basic Properties

Atomic Density: 1.26 × 1020 atoms/cm3 (Nd1.0%)
Crystal Structure: Zircon Tetragonal, space group D4h-I4/amd
Density; 4.22 g/cm3
Mohs Hardness: 4-5 (Glass-like)
Thermal Expansion Coefficient(300K): αa=4.43×10-6/K
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient(300K): //C:0.0523W/cm/K
Optical Properties of Nd:YVO4:
Lasing wavelength: 1064 nm, 1342 nm
Thermal optical coefficient (300K): dno/dT=8.5×10-6/K
Stimulated emission cross-section: 25×10-19 cm2 @1064 nm
Fluorescent lifetime: 90 µs(1% Nd doping)
Absorption coefficient: 31.4 cm-1 @810 nm
Intrinsic loss: 0.02 cm-1 @1064 nm
Gain bandwidth: 0.96 nm @1064 nm
Polarized laser emission: π polarization; parallel to optic axis(c-axis)
Diode pumped optical to optical efficiency: > 60 %
Sellemeier equations (λ in um) n02=3.77834+0.069736/(λ2-0.04724)-0.010813λ2




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