Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate (KDP) and Potassium Dideuterium Phosphate (DKDP or KD*P)

Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate (KDP) and Potassium Dideuterium Phosphate (KD*P ) are among the most widely-used commercial NLO materials, characterized by good UV transmission, high damage threshold, and high birefringence, though their NLO coefficients are relatively low.
They are usually used for doubling, tripling and quadrupling of a Nd:YAG laser under the room temperature.
In addition, they are also excellent electro-optic crystals with high electro-optic coefficients, widely used as electro-optical modulators, such as Q-switches, Pockels Cells, etc.

CASTECH’s KDP & KD*P products

CASTECH supplies high quality KDP and KD*P crystals in large quantities for these applications.
Because their polished surfaces are easier to be moistened, the user is advised to provide the dry condition (<50%) and the sealed housing for preservation. For this purpose, CASTECH also provides polishing and sealed housing services for the KDP family crystals.
Our engineers will serve you to select and design the best crystal, according to the laser parameters you provide.

Basic Properties

Chemical Formula KH2PO4 KD2PO4
Transparency Range 200-1500 nm 200-1600 nm
Nonlinear Coefficients d36=0.44 pm/V d36=0.40 pm/V
Refractive index (at 1064nm) no=1.4938, ne=1.4599 no=1.4948, ne=1.4554
Electro-optical Coefficients  r41=8.8 pm/V
r63=10.3 pm/V
r41=8.8 pm/V
r63=25 pm/V
Longitudinal half-wave voltage Vπ=7.65 KV(λ=546 nm) Vπ=2.98 KV(λ=546 nm)
Absorptance 0.07 /cm 0.006 /cm
Optical damage threshold >5 GW/cm2 >3 GW/cm2
Extinction ratio 30 dB
Sellmeier equations of KDP:(λ in um)
Sellmeier equations of DKDP:(λ in um)




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