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WDI’s ATF2-LV is a high speed, high accuracy, autonomous digital autofocus sensor system. Its “Smart Sensor Architecture” (SSA) incorporates a semiconductor laser, built-in CMOS image sensor, FPGA and microprocessor for fast digital image processing. By projecting a laser dot onto the sample and digitally processing the image, the ATF2-LV brings the microscope quickly to close vicinity of final focus. The sensor then refines focus using image contrast analysis.

ATF2-LV Sensor
Structured Light Pattern  Single Dot 
Sensor Wavelength  660nm 
Image Detector  Area Scan CMOS 
Static Autofocus Accuracy  ± 1/4 Objective Depth of Focus

General Performance 
Reflectivity Adaption Delay  1ms 
Laser Type  Semiconductor 
Laser Safety  Class 2 
Weight  250g 
Dimensions  40 X 40 X 120mm 
Maximum Cable Length  1.8m  
Compliance  CE SEMI 

External Requirements
Specimen Reflectivity  1% ~ 99% 
Glass Thickness  > 0.5mm 
Back Surface Reflectivity  0% ~ 99% 
Diffusing Specimen  Yes 
Specular Specimen  Yes 
Patterned Specimen  Yes 
Textured Specimen  Yes 

Operating Specifications
Input Voltage  18V ~ 25V, 24V Nominal 
Operating Temperature  18°C ~ 35°C 
Storage Temperature  10°C ~ 45°C 
Humidity  10% ~ 75% Non Condensing





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