FFS-2000 ファイバ融着装置

高強度融着機 FFS-2000拡大

ファイバ融着装置(ワークステーション)FFS-2000 は、ファイバストリッパ、クリープ、融着接続、リコート、そして張力テストの全ての処理を1台の装置で対応できます。

フィラメント技術を応用した独自の True Core Imaging 技術により高精度の融着接続を行います。

高強度融着、PM ファイバ・異種ファイバ融着等に適しています。

特殊仕様として、最大 600µ までのファイバを接続する融着装置があります。

Size: 17.0"×13.9"×5.0" (432×353×127 mm).
Weight: 26 lbs (11.8 kg).
Power: 12V DC. External power supply provided with universal AC input.
Operating System: PC-based with Windows interface.
Fiber Prep
Soaking Station: Solvent pre-soak station available for "hard" coatings.
Coating Stripper: Thermal mechanical stripping process for high-strength coating removal.
Fiber Cleaner: Ultrasonic cleaning that maintains fiber strength.
Fusion Method: Filament Fusion.
Fusion Temperature: Constant power control for consistent fusion process.
Alignment Method: Fully automated by True Core Imaging or external feedback.
X-Y Fiber Positioning: Stepper motor controlled (0.01µ resolution).
Z Fiber Feed: Stepper motor controlled (0.125µ resolution).
Fiber Viewing: Real time image processing system viewed directly on computer monitor.
Strength Enhancement: Automated post-fusion fire polish step for high strength splicing.
Loss Estimation: True Core Imaging technology for accurate loss calculation. "
PM Rotation Option
Rotation Alignment: Fully automated by End-View Alignment technology or external feedback.
Rotation Drive: Stepper motor controller (0.01" resolution).
Rotation Travel: 190°left and right sides.
Recoat Mold: Quartz.
Recoat Diameter: 280µ standard: custom sizes available.
UV Source: Four (4) tungsten halogen lamps.
Proof Testing
Maximum Tension: 20 pounds (9.1 kg).
Mandrel Size: 2" diameter (51 mm).
Accuracy: +/-2 %