SPOT Imaging Solutions


SPOTMeeting™ Collaborative Imaging System

SPOTMeeting™ is an easy to use imaging system for capturing and sharing high definition images with remote specialists in real time. Audio, cursor, annotations, files and software controls are also shared, and presenters can be swapped, making communication simple.

Remote specialists can participate in tumor boards without travel expenses. Pathologists can consult with PA’s from their offices. SPOTMeeting is the standard for digital pathology.

High Resolution Color Camera Diagnostic quality images with accurate color and fast frame rates are ideal for documentation, pathology reports, and live consultations.
Pathology-Focused Software
with LIS Integration 
Streamlined OneClick-PlusTM PathSuite software lets you capture, annotate, share, and discuss pathology slides right from your office with minimal training. 
Highest Security Standards Fully encrypted transmission and simple direct connection ensures patient data is private and protected. 
Integrated Audio, Barcode
Scanning, & Footswitch Control
Communicate and control the system without looking up from your microscope. 
Fast Return On Investment SPOTMeeting pays off very quickly due to time and cost savings for the pathology department. 
Flexible Configuration Customizable and scalable to fit current and future needs and budgets.