SPOT Imaging Solutions

SPOTBroadcast™ イメージングシステム

SPOTMeeting™ Collaborative Imaging System

SPOTBroadcast™ enables pathology images to be safely and securely broadcasted over the internet in real time to remote locations anywhere. Exceptional diagnostic quality HD images of glass slides can be shared conveniently for review and diagnosis.

SPOTBroadcast captures audio and video sources and streams the input so that it can be shared remotely at full HD resolution. SPOTBroadcast can be used anywhere – it’s portable with no software required.

High Resolution Camera Diagnostic quality images with accurate color and fast frame rates are ideal for documentation, pathology reports, and live consultations.
Speakerphone Dictate description and diagnoses
Hardware Broadcaster Streams the HD video and audio to remote colleagues.
Barcode Scanner Scanning in case information saves time and reduces errors.
Footswitch Control Control the system without looking up from your microscope.
Portable SPOTBroadcast is easy to move where diagnoses are needed.
Flexible Configuration SPOTBroadcast is configurable to fit your specific needs and budget