通信帯 (1550nm ) 用カメラ

  • 通信帯 (1550nm )用カメラ拡大

    通信帯 (1550nm ) 用カメラ

  • Absorption Sensitivity of the Camera Sensor Coating

    Absorption Sensitivity of the Camera Sensor Coating

Applied Scintillation Technologies社は、2015年に「Scintacor」と社名を変更しました。

Scintacor社(英国)は、独自の蛍光技術を利用して 1550nm 帯にコンパクトで低価格なカメラを製造しています。


  Digital CamIR1550 463125 
Image Sensor Model  Sony progressive scan interface interline transfer ICX445 1/3” Exview HAD CCDTM 
Maximum Resolution  1296 (H) x 964 (V) 
Pixel Size  3.75µm x 3.75µm 
Analogue-to-Digital Converter  Analogue Devices 12-bit ADC 
Video Data Output  8, and 16-bit digital data 
Digital Interface  5-pin Mini-B USB 2.0 digital interface for camera control, video data transmission, & power 
Transfer Rates  480 Mbit/s 
Partial Image Modes  Pixel binning and region of interest modes via Format_7 
Gain Control  auto/manual/one-push modes, programmable via software, 0 dB to 24 dB in 0.04 increments 
Shutter Speed  auto/manual/one-push modes, programmable via software, 0.01 ms to greater than 10 s 
Voltage Requirements  4.745 to 5.25 V via the Mini B USB 2.0 Interface or JST 7-pin GPIO connector
Power Consumption  2 W (max) at 5V 
Dimensions  25.5mm x 41mm x 44mm (excluding optics) 
Mass  37 grams (including tripod mounting bracket) 
Memory Storage  3 memory channels for custom camera settings 
Lens Mount  CS-Mount (5mm C-Mount adapter included) 
Emissions Compliance  Complies with CE rules and Part 15 Class B of FCC rules 
Operating Temperature  0°C to 45°C 
Storage Temperature  -30°C to 60°C 
Warranty  1 year 
Spectral Sensitivity  See graph 
Peak Sensitivity  See graph 
Scene Illumination spectral sensitivity  1000-1185nm 


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