通信帯 (1550nm ) 用カメラ

Applied Scintillation Technologies社は、2015年に「Scintacor」と社名を変更しました。

  • 通信帯 (1550nm )用カメラ拡大

    通信帯 (1550nm ) 用カメラ

  • Absorption Sensitivity of the Camera Sensor Coating

    Absorption Sensitivity of the Camera Sensor Coating

Scintacor社(英国)は、独自の蛍光技術を利用して 1550nm 帯にコンパクトで低価格なカメラを製造しています。


  Digital CamIR1550 463125 
Image Sensor Model  Sony progressive scan interface interline transfer
ICX445 1/3” Exview HAD CCDTM 
Maximum Resolution  1296 (H) x 964 (V) 
Pixel Size  3.75µm x 3.75µm 
Analogue-to-Digital Converter  Analogue Devices 12-bit ADC 
Video Data Output  8, and 16-bit digital data 
Digital Interface  5-pin Mini-B USB 2.0 digital interface for camera control,
video data transmission, & power 
Transfer Rates  480 Mbit/s 
Partial Image Modes  Pixel binning and region of interest modes via Format_7 
Gain Control  auto/manual/one-push modes, programmable via software,
0 dB to 24 dB in 0.04 increments 
Shutter Speed  auto/manual/one-push modes, programmable via software,
0.01 ms to greater than 10 s 
Voltage Requirements  4.745 to 5.25 V via the Mini B USB 2.0 Interface or
JST 7-pin GPIO connector 
Power Consumption  2 W (max) at 5V 
Dimensions  25.5mm x 41mm x 44mm (excluding optics) 
Mass  37 grams (including tripod mounting bracket) 
Memory Storage  3 memory channels for custom camera settings 
Lens Mount  CS-Mount (5mm C-Mount adapter included) 
Emissions Compliance  Complies with CE rules and Part 15 Class B of FCC rules 
Operating Temperature  0°C to 45°C 
Storage Temperature  -30°C to 60°C 
Warranty  1 year 
Spectral Sensitivity  See graph 
Peak Sensitivity  See graph 
Scene Illumination spectral