UV/VIS 分光光度計用
キュベットホルダ t2™

UV/Vis 分光光度計用温度コントロール付きキュベットホルダ t2™

The cuvette sits in a metal tower inside the t2. A spring clip pushes the cuvette into a corner for good thermal contact and reproducible positioning. The cuvette is thoroughly buried in the tower so that its temperature will equilibrate closely to the temperature of the metal, requiring a cuvette lifter for extracting the cuvette. For magnetic stirring the t2 has a magnet under the cuvette which is turned by a belt connected to a pulley on a variable speed DC motor. The Peltier unit is mounted on the side of the cuvette tower. Heat is removed from the Peltier using water flowing through a heat exchanger. Each system comes with a submersible pump that is driven directly by the TC 1 temperature controller.

Side view of a t2The pump circulates water from a bucket. For work below the dew point temperature, dry gas may be directed to the windows of the cuvette to minimize condensation that would interfere with the measurement. The t2 is mounted in the spectrometer on a post of the height required to have the optical beam of the instrument pass through the optical ports.

  • Rapid, precise control over a wide range of temperatures
  • Calibrated using a NIST-traceable thermometer
  • Variable height posts available for mounting the t2 in most commercial spectrophotometers
  • Cuvette lifter for convenient removal of cuvettes
  • Variable speed magnetic stirring
  • Dry gas purge
  • Thermometer probe input
  • Temperature ramping capability

T-App Optional software - The T-App package is available to operate the controller remotely form your computer, allowing for more complex functionality.




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