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OASIS In Vivo Macro & Microscope プラットフォームMightex Optical Activation, Stimulation and Imaging System (OASIS) is designed specifically to meet the growing demand to conduct experiments on live animals, when system flexibility is a primary consideration and a large Field of View (FoV) is usually required. In Optogenetics, for example, in vivo patterned illumination on rodents, monkeys and other animals is the next step towards the ultimate goal of being able to record and control the activity of each neuron in the brain of behaving animals at a single cell and ms resolution. To achieve patterned illumination for in vivo applications, the OASIS features Mightex’s market-leading Polygon400 patterned Illuminator to deliver light to a specified area of the specimen while leaving neighboring areas untouched.

Whereas traditional microscopes are a fixed system with limited flexibility, OASIS is designed to provide excellent reconfigurability/flexibility and can be configured to work around a fixed specimen such as a sedated live animal. A heavy-duty precision XYZ stage is mounted on the support structure and the OASIS optical assembly is in turn mounted on the XYZ stage. The XYZ stage controls the lateral motion as well as focus of the system. A pan/tilt mechanism add-on is also available to orient the OASIS relative to the live animal. Motorized versions of both the XYZ stage and tilt mechanism are available.


OASIS is a modularized imaging & illumination system that is designed to address the challenges existing in vivo and in vitro bioscience research. In particular, OASIS is a system that can configure to move and tilt relative to a fixed specimen while mainting excellent optical efficiency and resolution found in commercial microscopes and imaging system.

Because the design of OASIS is a modular one, users have the opportunity to customize OASIS to perfectly match the requirements of their specific applications. This can include, but is not limited to, selecting a microscope vs macroscope design, multiple patterned illumination devices, dual patterned and wide-field illumination, dual camera options, as well as motorized stages and pan/tilt mechanisms.

Bellow is a schematic illustrating the various sub-system components in OASIS. Scroll along the tabs above to read more information about each sub-section and to see the different customization options available for each sub-section. System level pictures of both the micro & macro versions of OASIS can be found at the bottom of this page.

OASIS Schematic

OASIS Schematic

OASIS Macro   OASIS Micro
OASIS Macro   OASIS Micro
OASIS Macro is designed for low magnification applications that require a large Field of View (FoV). With a wider beam path and infinity corrected optics the macro-imaging system is able to take advantage of low-magnification and high NA macro objectives. The result is higher illumination intensity covering a larger area when comparing to a commercial microscope. Imaging sensitivity is also dramatically improved because of the high NA objective that can collect more fluorescence signal from the specimen.   OASIS Micro features infinity-corrected optics and accepts 'standard' microscope objective lenses. This system will provide a FoV and output intensity (from a Polygon or a wide-field illuminator) that are similar to when using a commercial microscope (e.g. Nikon, Leica, Olympus or Zeiss). Therefore, OASIS Micro is recommended for applications that require high resolution similar to that of a typical commercial microscope, but at the same time also calls for excellent reconfigurability/flexibility for live animal investigation.

OASIS イルミネーション 概要

OASIS features several illumination options that customers can take advantage of. One of the most important options is the option to integrate Mightex’s market leading Polygon400 patterned illuminator to perform in vivo & in vitro patterned illumination options. A wide field illumination option is available where users can select any number of wavelengths between (240nm-940nm) and couple it into OASIS. In addition to selecting wide-field or patterned illumination options, OASIS is configurable and flexible to incorporate multiple patterned illumination or wide illumination devices to provide maximum versatility possible. To identify the illumination set-up that is ideal for your research our support team will be glad to walk you through the choices.

OASIS イルミネーション オプション

OASIS イルミネーション オプション List of OASIS Illumination Options
List of OASIS Illumination Options
Schematic Shows the Single
Patterned Illuminator Option
  1. Single Polygon400 Patterned Illuminator
  2. Multi or Single Wavelength Wide-field Illumination setup
  3. Polygon400 + Wide-field Setup
  4. Dual Polygon400 Setup

Polygon400 Specifications with OASIS

A popular choice for customers is to use Mightex’s market leading Polygon400 with OASIS. Either a Polygon400 with built-in LEDs (E-Series) or with a lightguide input to be used with external LED Sources (G-Series) can be used. Polygon E-Series is suitable for customers requiring only 1-3 wavelengths, while Polygon G-Series is advantageous when customers want to work with their existing light sources or want to use super-high power illuminations sources like Mightex’s Type-H LEDs.

Polygon400 Projection Area with OASIS Micro

Projection Area Common Microscopes
Leica Nikon Olympus Zeiss
Height (mm) 8.7 8.7 7.8 7.2
Width (mm) 15.5 15.5 13.9 12.7
Diagonal (mm) 17.7 17.7 16.0 14.6
Pixel size (µm) 18.0 18.0 16.2 14.8

To calculate illumination area and pixel resolution at the specimen, simply divide the above numbers
by the magnification of the objective. For example, under a 10x objective on an Olympus microscope,
the illumination area will be 0.78mm x 1.39mm with a pixel resolution of 1.62µm.

Polygon400 Projection Area with OASIS Macro

Projection Area 4X Objective 2.35X Objective 1.9X Objective
Height(mm) 2.2 3.7 4.5
Width (mm) 3.9 6.6 8.2
Diagonal (mm) 4.4 7.5 9.3
Pixel size (µm) 4.5 7.7 9.5

Polygon400 Output Power with OASIS Micro

Wavelength (nm) Output Power (mW)
400 14.0
470 15.0
530 4.5
590 3.0
617 14.0
630 14.0
656 14.0

OASIS ステージ/サポート 概要

OASIS Stage and Support offers several important customization features. The Stage and Support not only holds the entire system together but also allows for OASIS to translate in the XYZ axis and to be tilted back and forth or side to side so that the user can orient relative to a lilted surface. Manual and motorized versions are also available to choose between.

OASIS ステージ/サポート オプション

OASIS ステージ/サポート オプション OASIS ステージ/サポート オプション
Schematic Shows the Manual XYZ Stage
Option with Single Rod Suppor

List of OASIS Stage Options

  1. Manual XYZ Stage
  2. Motorized XYZ Stage
  3. Manual Tilt Mechanism
  4. Motorized Tilt Mechanism
  5. Combine any 2 of options 1-4

List of OASIS Support Options

  1. Single Damped Rod Platform
  2. Three Damped Rod Platform

OASIS Translational & Pan/Tilt Illustrations

OASIS Translational & Pan/Tilt Illustrations

OASIS can be translated in XYZ direction and can also be panned/tilted side-to-side or front-and-back.

OASIS Optical Assembly

OASIS Optical Assembly provides a lot of exciting opportunities for customers to tailor their OASIS into a truly unique system tailored for their applications. The biggest decision to make is choosing a Macroscope imagining optics or microscope imaging optics. Microscope option is suitable for applications requiring an optical setup similar to commercial microscopes while Macroscope setups are more suitable when a large field of view is required without sacrificing optical output intensity. Users can also chose (1) the number of filter positions to include (2) To have dual camera ports and (3) which Microscope vendor objectives they would like their system compatible with.

OASIS Optical Assembly Options

OASIS Optical Assembly Options List of OASIS Optical Assembly Options
Schematic Shows a single cube, single
camera with microscope optics setup.

List of OASIS Optical Assembly Options

  1. Microscope Optics
  2. Macroscope Optics

OASIS Optical Assembly Configurations

OASIS Optical Assembly Configurations

OASIS Macro   OASIS Micro
OASIS Macro   OASIS Micro

OASIS Compatible Cameras

OASIS Standard configuration features a C-Mount camera mounting which allows OASIS to be used in conjunction with any C-Mount camera. For customers without a camera to use with OASIS Mightex also offers a portfolio of robust CCD Microscopy Cameras that are cost effective imaging solutions with excellent performance. More information about Mightex cameras can be found here.

OASIS Camera Options

Schematic Shows a Mightex CCD camera
Schematic Shows a Mightex CCD camera
mounted on OASIS Micro.

OASIS Camera CompatibilityOASIS Camera Compatibility
Compatible with all C-Mount Cameras

OASIS Compatible Objectives

If using OASIS Micro most major commercial microscope objectives will be compatible with the system. Just let our support team know which objective you plan to use and they will make sure to select an optical assembly configuration for the vendor objective. Mightex is also able to provide objectives with the OASIS as an add on as well. Let us know your key requirements and we will be glad to make a recommendation.

If using OASIS Macro there are three objectives option that the user can choose between This includes a 4X, 2.35X and 1.9X Macro objectives.

OASIS Optical Assembly Options

Schematic shows a standard microscope
Schematic shows a standard microscope

List of OASIS Micro/Macro ObjectivesList of OASIS Micro Objectives
Compatible with most major microscope vendor

List of OASIS Macro Objectives

1. 4X Objective
2. 2.35X Objective
3. 1.9X Objective

OASIS Compatible LED Controllers Overview

If customers are using Mightex LED illuminations source either with a Polygon400 patterned illuminator or for wide-field illumination then Mightex's BioLED controllers can be used to complete the system. Mightex offers a diverse portfolio of LED drivers that allow users to operate LEDs in several ways including (1) manual knobs (2) analog input (3) TTL signals and (4) PC software via USB. Users can also add in Mightx’s digital I/O box and use it with a manual/analog to control LEDs with all four (4) methods mentioned above.

OASIS LED Controller Options

Schematic Shows a Mightex BLS-SA/PL Controller
Schematic Shows a Mightex BLS-SA/PL Controller

List of OASIS Controller OptionsList of OASIS Controller Options

  1. BLS-1000/3000/13000 Analog & Manual Controllers
  2. BLS-SA/PL Software & TTL Controllers
  3. (BLS-PAD-000) + (#2)
  4. (BLS Digital I/O Box) + (#1)

OASIS Compatible BioLED Controller Summary Chart

Manual Software Analog TTL
BLS-1000/3000/13000 + BLS-IO04-US

For more information about each Mightex BioLED controller please follow the links in the table above.




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