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(ソフトウェア/TTL コントロール)

バイオフォトニクス・オプトジェネティクス用LEDコントロールモジュール(ソフトウェア/TTL コントロール)

Mightex BLS-SA/PL series BioLED control modules are modularized fully-customizable turn-key solutions for optogenetics, fluorescence excitation, and other biophotonics applications. Precisely-timed and high-intensity light pulses are required in optogenetics experiments to activate channel-rhodopsins (ChR2, ChR1 etc.) and halorhodopsins (NpHR) in order to excite and inhibit neurons. To meet these requirements, Mightex has developed a proprietary “IntelliPulsing” technology to allow BLS-series sources to output significantly higher power in pulse mode than what the LEDs are rated for in CW mode.

The control module features a linear LED driver design that eliminates light intensity ripples and oscillations often observed when low-cost buckpuck nonlinear drivers are used. Clean and highly repeatable pulses are critical to quantitative experiments. Both CW mode and pulse modes are supported. Time resolution of the control module is 20us and light intensity can be adjusted with 0.1% increments. Each driving channel on the control module has its own TTL trigger input. Rising edge, falling edge, and follower mode are supported in the trigger mode.

Mightex BioLED light source solutions come with a Windows-based operation software featuring an intuitive yet powerful graphic user interface. A software development kit (SDK) is also provided for user integration into environment such as Labview and Matlab.

An optional touch-screen control pad (P/N: BLS-PAD-000) is available (see photo below), with which customers can control LEDs without a computer.

The control module can also be operated without being connected to a computer or a touch-screen pad. This is because custom-defined pulse sequences can be programmed and stored into the control module (through software), after which the light sources can be operated alone and triggered by external TTL pulses.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to order a BioLED light source solution:
Step-1: Add a BioLED Control Module (P/N: BLS-SA04-US or BLS-SA02-US) to shopping cart;

Step-2: Add desired BLS-series Optical Heads (e.g. BLS-FCS-0470 etc.) to shopping cart;

Step-3: In the notes section, mark the channel positions on the BioLED Control Module for each Optical Head. For example: Channel#1: BLS-FCS-0470, Channel#2: BLS-PLS-0590-030, Channel#3: 530nm LED in BLS-WFC-H2-0530-0625, and Channel#4: 625nm LED in BLS-WFC-H2-0530-0625. Order completed; and

Step-4: (Optional) Add touch-screen control pad (P/N: BLS-PAD-000) to shopping cart.

Electrical Specifications for Control Modules

Parameter >BLS-SA02-US BLS-SA04-US >BLS-PL02-US BLS-PL04-US Unit
Synchronization with Polygon400 NO YES
Number of channels 2 4 2 4  
Power supply, Vdc 9 ~ 24 V
Output intensity resolution 0.1% -
Time resolution 20 µs
Maximum number of pulses in one period 21 -
Maximum repeat count of pulse sequence 108 -
External trigger level TTL* -
Trigger connector type BNC  -
Max. Trigger delay 25 µs
Optical Head connector type 2-pin Aero connector  -
Host interface USB or RS232, selectable  -
Non-volatile memory Yes**  -
Dimensions 213 (L) x 156 (W) x 73 (H) mm
Weight 800 g

*. An opto-coupler is used for each trigger input, which can accept voltage from 3.6 ~ 12 V as “H”. Please note that the trigger source should be capable of providing at least 5mA current when it’s “H”.
**. Built-in non-volatile memory allows all the operation parameters to be stored on the BioLED Control Module, thus the device can work without a host connected.

Rear Panel Layout

Rear Panel Layout

  • Turn-key, complete light source solutions
  • Enhanced output optical power in “IntelliPulsing” mode for Optogenetics
  • Over 100 LED modules, from fiber-coupled, collimated, lightguide-coupled to microscope illuminator
  • Wide range of wavelengths UV, VIS to NIR and white
  • TTL triggers
  • Fast time response (µs)
  • Operates with or without a PC
  • Powerful and user-friendly GUI
  • Optogenetics
  • Fluorescence excitation
  • Bio-photonics
BioLED Light Source Control Module ソフトウェア
BioLED Light Source Solution Selection Guide






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