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LEDアナログ&デジタル I/O

バイオフォトニクス・オプトジェネティクス用LED アナログ&デジタル I/O コントロールモジュールMightex BioLED Analog and Digital I/O Control Module is a system-level control solution to be used in conjunction with the BioLED Manual/Analog Controlled LED Controllers and with the Polygon400 Pattern Illuminator. It greatly extends the flexibility and ease of system-level set-up when working with Mightex's Polygon400 systems.

The I/O Control Module features four (4) independent channels. Each channel has an external trigger input (TTL), an analog voltage output (0-5V) and a digital output (LVTTL). All I/O connectors are BNC-type to work seamlessly with laboratory equipments. Intensity waveform of up to four (4) high-power LED light sources is controlled by the I/O Control Module1, each can output light at a different wavelength (i.e. color). Up to thirty-two (32) different waveforms can be programmed onto the I/O Control Module via USB or RS232. Each waveform can be associated with any one of the four LED's to form a catalog of up to 128 unique Color/Waveform pairs.

The I/O Control Module can be synchronized with Polygon400 Patterned Illuminator. Each illumination pattern can be synchronized with one of the 128 Color/Waveform pairs, and one can generate a complex sequence of illumination Pattern/Color/Waveform combinations quickly and precisely. The I/O Control Module thus provides a convenient means to simultaneously achieve spatial, spectral, and temporal control of the most advanced illumination system for optogenetics and other experiments.

Parameters BLS-IO04-US Unit
Synchronization with Polygon400 Yes -
Number of Channels 4 -
Power supply, Vdc 12 V
Output analog voltage resolution 0.1 %
Output analog voltage range 0 - 5 V
Output analog voltage accuracy +/-0.5% (or +/-3mV)* V
Output digital level LVTTL -
Time resolution 20 µs
Maximum pulse number 21 -
Maximum pulse repeat 100,000,000 times -
External trigger level TTL -
Max. trigger delay 25 µs
Host interface USB or RS232 -
Non-volatile memory Yes -
Dimensions 135(L) x 140(W) x 105(H) -
Weight - g

*. Whichever is bigger.

  • Four (4) independent channels.
  • One external input trigger (TTL), one analog voltage output (0-5V) and one digital output (LVTTL) per channel.
  • All I/O are BNC-connectorized.
  • Works with up to four (4) BioLED Manual/Analog Controlled LED Controllers to control four (4) LED's.
  • Thirty-two (32) waveforms, each can be paired with any of the four channels.
  • Up to 1024 color/waveform pairs in a sequence. 1

1. Sequence repeat after all 1024 pairs are generated

  • Optogenetics.
  • Ca2+ imaging & uncaging.
  • Epi-fluorescence.

With matching LED driver and LED light sources for the specific application.





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