アブソリュート方式 光エンコーダ

アブソリュート方式 光エンコーダ ZapFREE®ZapFREE®はレーザダイードと光ファイバを利用し、0~360度までの絶対角度を14bitで 測定できるポジションセンサです。

従来のアブソリュート方式エンコーダや、LEDを利用した光 エンコーダをはるかに凌駕します。



  • パッシブ光センサ(MR332)
  • アクティブコントローラ(MR330)
  • 62.5/125µm マルチモードファイバ


コネクタの接続方式はDuplex LC、もしくは工業規格のODVA IP-LC Duplexの2種類を用意しています。MR330コントローラーは様々な工業規格のインターフェース*1に対しているので、シームレスにあらゆるコントロールシステムと接続することができます。

*1:SSI, RS485, Modbus(RTU, USB, ±10V, 4-20mA and digital set-points)

MR330 コントローラ

  • 0~360度を14bit 分解能で絶対角度を検出
  • 双方向回転トラッキング4096回転(12bit)
  • センサ部分は100%パッシブデザイン(電力供給の必要なし)
  • 光方式だから、電磁波、雷、電気的干渉を気にせず使用可
  • 最大300mまでの長距離伝送、しかも干渉なし!
  • IP66/67
  • LabVIEW Virtual Instrument(Ⅳ)対応
  • MRI 向けのMR338シリーズもご用意
  • センサ種別: Inherently Safe Simple Apparatus
    IEC ATEX Group Ⅰ/Ⅱ/Ⅲ 及び U.S.zone 0/20 hazardous locations gaseous and dust

MR332 Sensor Specifications

Measurement Parameters 
Measurement Range 0° to 360° (continuous)
Resolution 13 bits (8192), 14 bits (13950)
Maximum RPM Maximum 2,500 rpm for position reading;
Mechanical limit is 6,500 rpm
Mechanical Performance
Max Shaft Loads Axial 40 N (9 lbf), Radial 80 N (18 lbf)
Moments of Inertia 2.88E-06 kg*m² (4.08E-04 oz*in*s² )
Starting Torque < 0.02 N-m with Shaft Seal
System MTBF
(ISO Method)
L10 bearing life at 100% of max radial/axial load at 2500 rpm:
4.650E+04 hours
L10 bearing life at 10% of max radial/axial load at 2500 rpm:
1.988E+06 hours
Physical Attributes
Housing Dimensions Φ 58mm x 80mm L
(industry standard 58mm servo mount housing)
Unit Weight 500g (18 oz)
Materials Body: Anodized Aluminum; Shaft and Bearings: Stainless Steel
Environmental Performance
Temperature Operating: -40° to +80°, Storage: -40° to +80°
Humidity 0% to 95% RH (non-condensing)
Ingress Protection Shaft Seal Option Y With D00 Industrial LC Connector Option =
Shaft Seal Option Y With CXX Duplex LC Pigtail Option =
IP65 Shaft Seal Option N = IP40
ATEX Classification
Simple Apparatus, Inherently Safe Optical Radiation
CE Ex op is I/II /III 80℃/T6 Ga/Ma/Da
NEC 500: Class I/II/III-All Divisions; NEC 505: Zone 0/Zone 20

Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice

MR330-1 Controller Specifications

The following is a summary of MR330-1 performance specifications when used to operate the MR332 Sensor. Consult separate MR330 Data Sheet and MR330 Instruction Manual for detailed performance and interface information.

Position Output Interfaces
SSI 25 bits, Programmable baudrate 25 kHz - 250 kHz
Modbus Modbus (RTU) compatible RS422/RS485 interface
USB USB, Disables Modbus interface when used
Current Output Isolated 4-20 mA (270 V isolation maximum),
Output scalable by user
Voltage Output -10V to +10V, Non-Isolated, Output scalable by user
Digital Outputs 0-24V maximum 10 mA Load
(Zero + two programmable Set Points)
Power Supply +16 VDC to +32 VDC, 100 mA max at 24 VDC
During Power Up, external power supply should be capable
of 200 mA momentary output
Interface Update Rate
Angular Speed (ω) Max 262 radians/sec (equivalent to 2,500 rpm) for accurate
position reporting
Update Rate 1.17 kHz (850 µs)
Reporting Delay SSI: Maximum 800 µs (time from actual position to SSI output)
Analog Output: Maximum 1.0 ms
Fiber Optic Interface
Connector Type Duplex LC with Super PC polish
Performance Requirements: IL<0.5 dB, RL>24 dB,
Telcordia GR-326 Endface Geometry
Fiber Type 2 x Multimode 62.5/125 µm, Graded Index, 0.275 NA
Maximum Optical
Link Length
Maximum of 300 m (1000 ft) or 2 dB
(two-way loss (measured at 850nm)
Physical Attributes
Housing Dimensions 102 mm W x 102 mm D x 68 mm H, includes 35mm DIN rail mount
Unit Weight 600g (22 oz)
Environmental Performance
Temperature Operating: 0°C to +45°C, Storage: -15°C to +65°C
Humidity 25% to 95% RH (non-condensing)
Ingress Protection IP30
ATEX Classification Inherently Safe Optical Radiation
[Ex op is I/II/III 45C/T6 Ga/Ma/Da]
Brackets [..] designate that the Controller shall be installed
in non-haz location only

Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice