LS-WL1 小型白色光源

450nm の半導体レーザで蛍光体を励起し、広帯域な白色光を光ファイバで

ベースプレートをヒートシンクなどで冷却(24W 相当)することは必須です。


特 長

  • 光ファイバによる導光ができる世界最高輝度
  • 白色 LED の100 倍の強度
  • 正確なビーム制御と照明
  • 典型値 > 150 ルーメン(ファイバ出力)
  • CCT 6000K, CRI
  • 医療、産業用内視鏡向け
  • 分光診断
  • バイオメディカル装置
  • マシンビジョン
  • 各種照明
  • 軍事
  • セキュリティ
Emitter Incoherent white light source, laser-pumped phosphor converter (450nm excitation laser)
Optical output SMA optical fiber connection for multimode fibers with a core diameter of 50-1000µm,
maximum fiber aperture that can be used NA=0.5
Optical output power
Core diameter of optical fiber
  1mm, NA 0.5: >500mW
  600µm, NA 0.5: 440mW
  400µm, NA 0.39: 200mW
  200µm, NA 0.22: 30mW
Power adjustable via jogwheel or software 1–100%
Power stability typ. 1% per 24h (in thermal equilibrium, see graph)
Wavelength range 440–750nm, see spectrum above
Manual operation Software controlled configurable jogwheel (output, frequency, switch-on duration)
depending on selected mode.
Operating modes Constant output  CW
Stroboscope  Frequency 0.12 Hz–200 kHz
Duty cycle 0–100%
Pulse trigger Pulse width: 10µs–4000ms
Delay: 4µs–4000ms
(Width + Delay <= 4000ms)
Direct mode Analog/digital modulation to 100 kHz
All modes allow output setting of 1–100%
 Interface Mini-USB type B connection, RS-232 via USB (COM interface, FTDI chipset, 115200 baud)
 software LabVIEW™-based GUI or control with commands via RS-232,
therefore able to be integrated into all programmable environ- ments or direct terminal input.
Signal In  TTL level for trigger or digital modulation, analog input (0-5V, biased) for analog modulation
(via SMA connection)
 Signal Out Selectable output signals (via SMA connection); Signal reference (TTL), Laser driver input (0-5V),
Laser power monitor (165mV/A), Signal In looped through
Option output  4 via firmware adaptable inputs/outputs for external sensors, interlocks, etc. (DIO/analog/I2C, +5V, GND)
 Thermal management 2 miniature high-performance fans, low-noise, air input on top, air output on both sides and underneath.
Temperature sensor (readable using software), overheating protection, LED signal.
Environmental temperature 5-30 °C. (Other temperature ranges possible on request.)
If using multiple LS-WL1 devices alongside / on top of each other, ensure unimpeded air circulation.
Power supply Plug-in power supply 12V DC, 2.5A (included with delivery), coaxial power connector 5.5x2.1,
power input approx. 20W max.
Dimensions 130mm(L) x 106mm(W) x 56mm(H) w/o controls and connections


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