• フルバンド対応 (1240~1680nm)
  • 波長分解能:1~250pm
  • 波長精度:±5pm
  • ダイナミックレンジ:65dB @single sweep

(旧 Yenista Optics製)

CT400-X-X-F CT400-X-X-0 CT400-X-X-SCL
Operating range 1240-1680 nm 1260-1360 nm 1440-1640 nm
Absolute a, b ±5 pm
Relative a ±1 pm
Optical ports (Front panel)
TLS inputs & outputs Number of input
 1 to 4 1
Number of output
Connector type  FC/APC narrow key FC/APC narrow key
(slow axis aligned to
connector key)
PER (Polarization
Extinction Ratio)
n/a  ≥20 dB
Detector array Number of detector
1 to 4
Connector type FC/APC wide key 
Electrical ports (Rear panel)
BNC A Trigger out (5 V TTL)   Swept measurement external synchronization
(Pulse train generated @ Native Sampling
BNC B Trigger in (5 V TTL)  Wavelength measurement interval
(Measurement is taken when TTL level = high)
BNC C Analog voltage in
(detector port EXT)
Voltage level sampling from an external device
(Input range of 0 to 2.8 V;
sampling resolution of 0.7 mV)
Optical power
Power range On TLS input 0 to 10 dBm
On detector ports -60 dBm to 7 dBm
Transfer function Accuracy c, d ±0.2 dB
Sampling resolution 0.02 dB
Dynamic range d, e 65 dB typ. for models with 1 or 2 TLS input ports
60 dB typ. for models with 3 or 4 TLS input ports
Sampling characteristics
Resolution 1 to 250 pm
Native sampling resolution N x 100 ±10 MHz (N=1 to 250)
Sweep speed of TLS From 10 to 100 nm/s
Data handling
Interface with PC / Data rate   USB-B 2.0 / 1 MBd
Maximum number of transfer function
data points per TLS per detector as
a function of number of activated
detectors by software f
 260,000 for 1 detector
219,500 for 2 detectors
164,400 for 3 detectors
131,100 for 4 detectors
110,500 for 5 detectors
Operating temperature range /
Relative humidity
15 °C to 30 °C / < 80% (non condensing)
Storage temperature range -10 °C to 60 °C
Power supply AC 100 to 240 V (50 to 60 Hz)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 335 x 110 x 320 mm
Weight 4 kg

a. For a TLS sweep > 5 nm at sampling resolution of 1 pm, excluding the acceleration and deceleration part of the TLS sweep.
b. After wavelength referencing.
c. For incident power on detectors > –30 dBm. Accuracy: ±0.5 dB for power between –30 dBm and –60 dBm.
d. 1260-1640 nm.
e. If laser output power = 10 mW(dynamic range is proportional to laser output power).
f. Selected frequency range of the laser divided by the native sampling resolution.





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