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BQM-50 ビームプロファイラ

BQM-50 は Arden 社と NPL が共同開発しましたCCD カメラタイプのレーザビームプロファイラです。

すなわち稼働部品なく、M2 を測定することが可能です。

対応波長は 400~1100nm、対応ビーム径は 0.4 ~1.5mm になります。

本製品は NPL の特許によって保護されています。


  • Complete beam characterisation - M², Divergence angle, Width at waist, Waist location, Rayleigh Range and Astigmatism etc.
  • Measurement time under 20 seconds means you can see changes in beam quality such as during warm-up
  • Wavelength range 400 to 1100nm
  • Compact size means you can measure in situ
  • Easy alignment and adjustment saves time and reduces possibility of operator errors
  • Compatible with CW and Quasi-CW Pulsed Laser source
  • USB2.0 direct connection gives portability - take the BQM-50 to where you need to do measurements.
Part number BQM-50
Description Laser beam propagation analyzer for laser beams with wavelength
between 400 and 1100nm. System includes optical unit, CCD camera,
cables, CD with software, and user manual.
Wavelength range 400 ~ 1100 nm
Accuracy ・±5% typical, ±10% waist location and Rayleigh length for
 wavelength range 400 to 700nm
・±10% typical, ±10% waist location and Rayleigh length for
 wavelength range 700 to 1100nm
Measurement cycle time 20 seconds typical, depending on conditions
Dimension 150 mm L x Ø50 mm
Beam size 0.4 to 1.5 mm (can be varied with optional beam reducers)
Liquid lens 
Optical power -5 to +15 diopers
Clear aperture 3.9 mm
Controller connector USB 2.0 and RJ11
Effective voltage range 30 V to 70 v
Sensor 1/2 inch CCD, 6.5 x 4.8 mm array
Effective pixels 1392 x 1040, 4.65 µm square pixels
Cover glass Removed
Damage threshold 0.15 mW/cm² CW, 1.0 J/cm² pulsed
Shutter type Global
A/D conversion 12 bit
Maximum frame rate 15 fps ( full frame @ full resolution )
Exposure range 100 µs to 1000 ms
Interface connector USB 2.0, 3m mini-B to A and RJ45 trigger connector
Trigger Internal and external, TTL ( positive transition )
Supply voltage USB 2.0 full bus power
Supply power ~ 2.5 W
Operating temperature 0º -> +50ºC
Humidity 5% ~ 95%, relative, non-condensing
Mass 0.5 kg
Mounting options M6 threaded post hole
BQM-100 Attenuator wheel with 5 ND filters (ND 0.5; 1.0; 2.0; 3.0; 5.0 )
BQM-110 Set of 5 ND filters, screw mount (ND 0.5; 1.0; 2.0; 3.0; 5.0 )
BQM-120 Beam pick off, 1-10% of incident beam
BQM-130 Beam splitter, 1-10% of incident beam
BQM-200 Beam dump, 3/4 inch aperture, 50W maximum, air cooled
BQM-400 Beam expander, 5X
BQM-410 Beam reducer, 5X





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