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MF-DIG デジタイザ​​

MF-DIG デジタイザ

デジタイザをMFLI ロックインアンプに組合わせることにより、測定の自由度を拡張し、連続的ストリーミング、クロスドメイントリガー、メモリーセグメント化を可能にします。また、電圧入力、電流入力といった異なる入力波形をスコープ上に同時に表示できます。LabOne との組合わせにより、WEB インターフェイス(WEB ブラウザ)からの制御や、LabOne API を使用したプログラミングによる制御など、利便性が高まります。

  • FFT付き デュアルトレース オシロスコープ - 16bit, 60 MSa/s
  • 2.5 MSa メモリ / チャンネル当り
  • 7 MHz 入力バンド幅
  • 30 MHz FFTスパン、1 MHz ポイント
  • HD24 高品位モード
  • セグメント化した、連続的デジタイジング
  • ハードウェアトリガー 入力・出力
  • LabOne 及び API 対応
  • オプション追加購入可能
  • その他の全 MF オプションとの互換性


Low-noise digitizer for voltage and current signals

The MFLI lock-in amplifier combines high-performance scientific-grade low-noise input stages for voltage and current signals with common digitizer features such as shot and continuous operation. The input ranges can be adjusted over a wide range in order to optimally match the input signals.

Using the digitizer functions of the MF-DIG Digitizer option, input signals can be monitored and measured before demodulation, with subsequent analysis in both the time and frequency domain. With this option the LabOne Scope is transformed from a debugging tool into a fully featured digitizer. Two digitizing channels are enabled to measure two signals simultaneously.

The MF-DIG option provides a unique current signal digitizer available from no other vendor in the market today.

High-resolution Sampling

For experiments that require sampling rates significantly below 60 MSa/s, the HD24 high-definition mode enables an enhancement of the physical 16 bit vertical resolution by averaging of consecutive samples. Depending on the number of consecutive samples that are averaged, the nominal resolution can be as high as 24 bits.

Scope Comparison

Key features MFLI MFLI + MF-DIG option
scope channels 1 2
scope sample rate 16-bit, 60 MSa/s 16-bit, 60 MSa/s
high-definition mode HD24 no, limited to 16-bit yes, up to 24-bit nominal
scope sample memory 16 kSa 2.5 MSa per channel
dual-trace no yes
segmented memory no yes, up to 1,024 shots
continuous acquisition no yes
high-resolution FFT no yes
Digitizer operation modes
shot/triggered operation yes, 60 MSa/s per channel
continuous operation yes, 117 kSa/s transfer to user interface
dual signal acquisition yes, simultaneous @ 60 MSa/s
input signals Voltage Input, Current Input, Aux Input 1-2, Ref/Trigger 1-2, Demodulators 1-4, Signal Output, Oscillators of Demodulators 1 and 4
maximum number of shots up to 1,024
Sample transfer to computer
shot/triggered operation 3 MSa/s (USB, 1GbE)
continuous operation to user interface 117 kSa/s (USB, 1GbE)
continuous operation to API 3.75 MSa/s single channel (USB, 1GbE)
1.9 MSa/s two channels (USB, 1GbE)
Analog inputs
input impedance 50 Ω and 10 MΩ
input coupling AC/DC
input ranges (voltage) ±1 mV to ±3 V in 8 steps
input ranges (current) ±10 nA, ±10 µA, ±100 µA, ±10 mA
input flatness (voltage) ±1 dB up to 2 MHz
SFDR1,5 75 dB (3 V, 10 MΩ, 500 kHz, 0dB FS)
SNR2,5 69 dB (3 V, 10 MΩ, 500 kHz, 0dB FS)
SINAD3,5 68 dB (3 V, 10 MΩ, 500 kHz, 0dB FS)
ENOB4,5 11.1 (3 V, 10 MΩ, 500 kHz, 0dB FS)
trigger modes rising, falling and gated trigger
trigger sources channel, external, oscillator, arithmetic, manual
trigger signals Voltage Input, Current Input, Aux Input 1-2, Ref/Trigger 1-2, Demodulators 1-4, Signal Output, Oscillators of Demodulators 1 and 4
trigger delay (pre-trigger) adjustable to 100% of shot length
trigger delay (post-trigger) adjustable up to 10 s
trigger configuration level and hysteresis
trigger output sources scope armed, scope active, trigger active
trigger outputs Ref/Trigger 1-2
software trigger scope trigger starts acquisition of demodulator samples
External triggers Ref/Trigger
trigger impedance 1 kΩ
trigger coupling DC
trigger input fullscale range (FS) ±5 V
trigger output amplitude 5 V TTL
Recommended computer configuration
Processor Intel Core i3 or better, >2.0 GHz
Memory (RAM) 4 GB
Storage SSD or HDD

1 spurious free dynamic range in digitizer mode, no signal processing
2 signal to noise ratio in digitizer mode, no signal processing
3 signal to noise and distortion ratio in digitizer mode, no signal processing
4 effective number of bits in digitizer mode, no signal processing
5 typical value




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