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SP-S シリーズ

SP-S シリーズ レーザ干渉式振動計

The laser-interferometric vibrometer is used to measure precisely and without contact the change of position over time of an object or a surface with any degree of roughness. It can measure mechanical vibrations in the range from 0 to 5 MHz with a resolution in the subnanometer range.

The design of the devices is based on the proven concept of the SP-series miniature interferometer with a plane mirror reflector. The sensor head of the SP-S series interferometer is equipped with an additional optic, that facilitates measurements on surfaces of any roughness. The complete system consists of the modular electronic unit with an in-built HeNe laser, the compact sensor head connected by a fiber-optic cable, and a number of interfaces.

The fiber-coupled vibrometer converts the measuring movement in the direction of the optical axis into an interference signal. This is transmitted to a high-resolution electronic demodulator, where it is evaluated. Operation and display take place on a PC with special software, which also provides an amplitude-frequency spectrum by means of an FFT transformation.

  • Highly precise, non-contact vibration and length measurements
  • Customer-specific expansions
  • Fiber-optic cable coupling of the sensor head
  • No thermal effects on the measurement environment
  • Correction of environmental influences on the wavelength of the laser light
  • Easy adjustment and handling
  • Extensive trigger options
  • Lateral motion of the rough measuring surface in relation to the measuring beam is only possible to limited extent
  • FFT software for spectral analysis
  • Open interfaces for OEM software under Windows and Linux
  • Noncontact measurement of the vibration of surfaces with any degree of roughness
  • Determination of the vibration spectrum
  • Determination of modes of vibration by spot scanning on the surface (hardware expansion required)
  • Determination of the resonant frequencies of micro-objects and macroscopic components
  • Multi-coordinate measurements with multiple systems
  • Highly precise length measurements




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