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NA シリーズ

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The Nano Vibration Analyzer is a fiber-coupled laserinterferometric vibrometer integrated in a precision technical microscope. It is excellently suitable for measurements of dynamic properties and static displacements of micro structures, MEMS and cantilevers.

The flexible sample positioning in a wide range of 50 mm x 50 mm is achieved by the specific microscope set-up. The vibrating object can be watched on PC by means of an USB camera. Different objectives with magnifications of 10x and 50x are changeable. DC deflection measurements as well as spectral analysis up to a frequency of 5 MHz are possible. Amplitudes can be measured with sub-nanometer resolution.

Operation and display of results employs a PC running specially developed data analysis software. This software allows the frequency analysis of vibrations, the triggered data acquisition and a script-controlled scanning of surface structures.

  • Noncontacting vibration measurements on micro objects, MEMS and cantilevers
  • Determining the vibrational spectrum
  • Determining the vibrational shapes (planar vibrations)
  • Determining the resonance frequencies
  • Measurement of the static deflection of membranes and other microstructures
Model NA
Amplitude resolution pm 20  
Wavelength nm 632.8  
Scan field range mm 50 x 50  
Microscope magnification   10 x 50 x
 Visual field size μm 650 x 500 130 x 100
 Laser spot diameter μm < 10 < 2
 Working distance mm ~35 ~10
Dimensions (L x W x H)
 Microscope system incl. vibrometer
 Electronic supply and evaluation unit


400 x 500 x 700
450 x 400 x 150

60 x 36 x 170
450 x 400 x 150
 Microscope system incl.vibrometer
 Electronic supply and evaluation unit


Line voltage / frequency  VAC/Hz  100~240 / 47~60
Laser safety class according to EN 60825-1:2007
and ANSI Z136.1 (CDRH)




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