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LM シリーズ

  • LM シリーズ

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Series LM laser-interferometric gauging probes are precision length measuring instruments. These probes can make tactile measurements over ranges of 20 and 50 mm with nanometric precision. The compact design and 8h6 mm diameter clamp shaft of the gauging probes enable them to be used with conventional measuring systems.

The integrated miniature interferometer converts the displacement of the motor-driven measuring shaft into an optical interference signal. This optical measuring signal is transmitted through a fiber-optic cable to an optoelectronic supply and evaluation unit, and is output as a length value.

The high accuracy of measurement is ensured by a stable HeNe laser, whose light is transmitted to the miniature interferometer through a fiber-optic cable, and by correcting the environmental effects on the laser wavelength. Operation and display take place optionally on a separate display unit or on a PC with optional data acquisition and display software.

  • Precision length gauging probe
  • Especially suitable for gauge block calibration
  • Calibration of measuring styluses, mandrel gauges, measuring rules, dial gauges and other dimensional standards
  • Precision thickness measurement achieved by using two gauging probes for measuring the thicknesses of, for example, lenses, wafers and foils
Model    LM 20  LM 50
Measurement range mm 20 50
Resolution nm 0.1 0.1
Linearity throughout entire measuring range nm ≤ ± 2
Clamp shaft diameter mm 8h6
Measuring force, permanently factory preset* N 0.5~1.5
Operating temperature range °C 15~30  
Dimensions (L x W x H):
 Gauging probe (without measuring shaft)
 Gauging probe (including measuring shaft)
 Optoelectronic supply an evaluation unit


60 x 36 x 137
60 x 36 x 170
450 x 400 x 150 

60 x 36 x 170
60 x 36 x 220
450 x 400 x 150
Gauging probe
Optoelectronic supply an evaluation unit


ca 8

ca 8
Digital 32-bit parallel interface Digital incremental signals (TTL level) Analog incremental signals (1VPP)  
Cable length between sensor head and
electronics unit
m 3, optionally up to 10  
Line voltage / frequency VAC/Hz 100~240 / 47~60  
Laser safety class according to EN 60825-1:2007
and ANSI Z136.1 (CDRH)
  2M II  

* Please note the installation position!




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