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LCS シリーズ 高精度環境測定器

  • LCSシリーズ 高精度環境測定器

  • WT-01 with material temperature sensor

  • TT-01 with air temperature sensor

The precision climate measuring station collects the values for temperature, air pressure and air humidity with highest accuracy. For achieving the technical best possible precision all measuring probes can be calibrated digitally together with the measuring electronic. Optionally wireless temperature sensors can be used as well.

The precision data collection has been primary developed for interferometry, which requires a high precision registration of environmental data – especially temperature and air pressure data. With the precision climate measuring station it is provided also for other applications.

  • 温度、湿度、大気圧を高精度に測定
  • 有線、無線によるセンサへの接続
  • 全ての測定プローブは校正済み
  • オプション:全てのセンサーの校正書

High-precision temperature, air pressure and air humidity measurements

  • In measuring and calibrations laboratories
  • For documentation and -where required- compensation during calibration procedures
  • For monitoring precision measurement and test setups
  • As module for integrating in precision machines
Precision climate measuring station LCS-01
Dimensions 230 mm x 240 mm x 60 mm
Mass 1.5 kg
Power supply 100~240 V AC, max. 500 mA
Interfaces 1 x USB (virtual COM-Port), 1 x RS232
Protocol proprietary, Access via DLL (Win + Linux) and data logger software or text-based, user definable
customized protocol possible
Sensor interfaces:
 Wired temperature measurement  4 x digital, for connecting the digital temperature transducers TT-01 of SIOS Mestechnik GmbH, expandable to 15 sensors
 Wireless temperature measurement Max. 15 wireless temperature transmitters of SIOS Mestechnik GmbH WT-01
 Air pressure 2 digital interfaces, air pressure of SIOS-sensor box SB-10 series or selected sensors from other manufacturers (for example, Setra-470)
 Air humidity 2 digital interfaces (shared with air pressure), air humidity of SIOS-sensor box SB-10 series or SHT75 compatible sensors

Digital Temperature Transducer
Wireless Temperature Transmitter
Measuring range 5~35°C or on request
Resolution 0.1 mK 1 mK
Measurement uncertainty ± 50 mK, typical, depending on the kind of calibration
Measuring interval > 4 s
Sensor designs Pt100 air and material temperature sensor, customized design possible
Pt100- cable length 3 m, 6 m, 10 m, customized 10 cm, 1.5 m, customized (to sender unit)
Frequency range   868 / 915 MHz, each with 3 channels
Power supply   9 V monobloc battery




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